Mohammed Odda Dawood, Effect of Cu-Doping on Urbach Energy and Dispersion Parameters of Cu:NiO Film Deposited by CSP, ILCPA Volume 48, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 48)
    This work presents the effect of Cu-doping on Urbach energy and dispersion parameters of Cu:NiO thin film prepared by spray pyrolysis technique. UV-Visible spectrophotometer in the range 380-900 nm used to determine the absorbance spectra for various Cu-doping of Cu:NiO thin film. The absorbance and optical conductivity increased with increasing Cu-doping in the prepared films. Dispersion parameters that studied are decreased with increasing Cu-doping while Urbach energy increased.
    Dispersion Relation, NiO Thin Films, Urbach Enerygy