S. Vijayakumar, R. Arulkumaran, R. Sundararajan, S.P. Sakthinathan, R. Suresh, D. Kamalakkannan, K. Ranganathan, K. Sathiyamoorthy, V. Mala, Ganesan Vanangamudi, Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan, Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Spectral Studies and Antimicrobial Activities of some 2′,4′-Difluorophenyl Chalcones, ILCPA Volume 14, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 14)
    Some 2′,4′-difluorophenyl chalcones have been synthesized under microwave irradiation using aldol condensation between 2,4-difluoroacetophenone and substituted benzaldehydes using catalytic amount of hydroxyapatite. The yields of the chalcones are more than 85%. The purities of these synthesized chalcones were examined by their physical constants and spectroscopic data. The UV absorption maxima (λmax, nm), infrared stretches (ν, cm<sup>-1</sup>) of CO, fingerprint region of CH<i><sub>ip</sub></i><sub>/<i>op</i></sub>, CH=CH<i><sub>op</sub></i>, C=C<i><sub>op</sub></i> modes, NMR chemical shifts (δ, ppm) of vinyl proton, carbon and carbonyl carbons have been assigned and correlated with Hammett substituent constants, F and R parameters using single and multi-regression analysis. From the statistical analysis the effect of substituent on the above spectral frequencies can be discussed. The antimicrobial activities of these synthesized chalcones have been screened using Bauer-Kirby method.
    Aldol Condensation, Antimicrobial Activities, Hammett σ Constants, Hydroxyapatite, Microwave Irradiation, Spectral Correlations