Piotr Daniszewski, Beata Draszawka-Bołzan, Influence of Waste Disposal Sites on the Environment in Miedzyzdoje of 2005 - 2007, ILCPA Volume 3, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 3)
    Waste is inseparable element of human activity. In Poland, the system of it’s management is typically extensive because waste is almost entirely deposited in landfills. Landfilling is the oldest method of waste management, but it is also the least desirable method of its neutralization. During the operation of communal waste landfill, waste effects on such environmental elements as air, soil, water, plants and animals. A number of requirements for the location of the facility, its construction, use and handling after operation is supposed to prevent environmental pollution and provide safety for people.The modern waste disposal sites having cleavage in the form of geomembrane, effectively limit the outflow of wastes to the ground waters and neighbouring soils. Further actions which are taken in order to segregate wastes, can eliminate negative effect of waste disposal sites on the environment.
    Communal Waste, Impact on the Environment, Quality, Waste Landfill, Water