Zbigniew Czech, Dominika Sowa, Paulina RagaƄska, Manufacturing of Solvent-Free Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives in Form of Self-Adhesive Layers, ILCPA Volume 13, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 13)
    The present publication is related to a process for producing the non-solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). New applications and technical specifications stimulate the continuous development of new methods of polymerization of solvent-free acrylate. New synthesis of solvent-free acrylics includes polymerization in the reactor with removal of the solvent and polymerization of the carrier. The polymerization process is connected with UV-crosslinking.
    Acrylics, Polymerisation, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSA), Solvent-Free, UV-Crosslinking