Nadir F. Habubi, Annealing Effects on the Interband Transition and Optical Constants of Cobalt Doped Cadmium Oxide Thin Films, Volume 43, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 43)
    The CdO: Co films have been deposited on substrate temperature at 400 °C by spray pyrolysis method using cadmium chloride and cobalt chloride as a precursors for Cd and Co ions, respectively. The effect of annealing temperature on optical constants of Co: CdO thin films are investigated using UV-Visible spectrophotometer in the range of (300-900) nm at room temperature. The absorbance and optical parameters such as α, n, ε<sub>1</sub>, ε<sub>2, </sub>and χ are increased when the annealing temperature increases, while the energy gap decreased from 2.5 eV before annealing to 2.48 eV after 500 °C annealing temperature. Urbach energy is increased with the increasing of annealing temperature from 353 meV for sample before annealing to 715 meV for the same samples annealed at 500 °C.
    Annealing Temperature, Co Doped CdO, Optical Properties