R.H. Bari, S.B. Patil, R.T. Chaudhary, LPG Gas Sensing Performance of Nanostructured CdSnO3 Thin Films, Volume 42, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 42)
    Nanostructured CdSnO<sub>3</sub> thin films were prepared by spray pyrolysis technique. The nanostructured CdSnO<sub>3</sub> film showed selectivity for LPG gas over other conventional gases. The maximum LPG response of 1460 for the sample S2 at 350 °C was achieved. The quick response (T<sub>Response</sub> = 5 s) and fast recovery (T<sub>Recovery</sub> = 11 s) are the main features of this film. Additionally, the stability of the prepared sensor has been studied. As prepared thin films were studied using XRD, FE-SEM, and EDAX to know crystal structure, surface morphology, and elemental composition, respectively. The results are discussed and interpreted.
    Conductivity, LPG Gas Response, Microstructure Property, Nanostuctured Pervoskite CdSnO<sub>3</sub>, Recovery of Sensor, Response, Stability