P. Paul Divakar, K. Samatha, Comparative Study of Experimental and Theoretical Ultrasonic Velocities in Binary Mixtures of Cyclohexanone with Aliphatic Esters at Different Temperatures, ILCPA Volume 42, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 42)
    Ultrasonic velocity evaluated by various theoretical relations viz., Nomoto, Free Length Theory (FLT), Van deal and Vangeel ideal mixing relation (IMR), Impedance Dependence Relation (IDR), and Junjie in three binary liquid mixtures of cyclohexanone as a common component with aliphatic esters (isopropyl acetate, isobutyl acetate and isoamyl acetate) at 303, 308, 313 and 318K over the entire composition range. An attempt has been made to compare the merits of the relations and the relative applicability of these theories to the present systems have been checked and discussed. The results are explained in terms of intermolecular interactions occurring in these binary systems. The deviation in the variation of U<sup>2</sup><sub>exp</sub> / U<sup>2 </sup><sub>imx</sub> from unity has also been evaluated for explaining the non-ideality in the mixtures.
    Aliphatic Esters, Binary Liquid Mixture, Intermolecular Interaction, Ultrasonic Velocity