K. Lakshmanan, K.G. Sekar, V. Sathiyendiran, R. Suresh, (E)-N-Substitutedbenzylidene-4-Methoxyanilines as Insect Antifeedants, Volume 41, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 41)
    Some substituted aryl Schiff’s bases [(<i>E</i>)-N-substitutedbenzylidene-4-methoxyanilines] have been prepared and their purities were checked by their physical constants and spectroscopic data reported earlier. The insect antifeedant activities of these Schiff’s bases have been studied by leaf-discs bio assay method using 4<sup>th</sup> instar larvae <i>Achoea</i> <i>Janata</i><i> L</i>.
    Insect Antifeedant Activity, Leaf-Disc Bio Assay, Substituted Schiff’s Bases