Srilatha Manukonda, G. Pavan Kumar, Ch. Praveen Babu, Molecular Interactions in Binary Organic Liquid Mixtures Containing Ethyl Oleate and Ethanol at 2MHz Frequency, ILCPA Volume 40, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 40)
    Molecular interactions of binary mixtures of Ethanol with a new organic compound Ethyl Oleate are investigated at a constant ultrasonic frequency of 2MHz under the temperature range of 303.15K-318.15K. The effect of mole fraction of Ethyl Oleate on velocity of sound wave and the density and viscosity of binary mixtures at various temperatures were studied. The effects on density (<i>ρ</i><i>)</i>, viscosity<i> (</i><i>η</i><i>), a</i>diabatic compressibility (β<sub>ad</sub>), inter molecular free length (L<sub>f</sub>) and internal pressure (П<sub>i</sub>) also was studied.
    Adiabatic Compressibility, Ethanol, Ethyl Oleate, Molecular Interactions