D. Madhava Reddy, C.H. Rakesh, N. Karthikeyan, M. Ashok Kumar, G. Nagaraju, Utilization of Wallostonite/Quasi Isotropic S2 Glass Fiber Doped in to Epoxy on Mechanical and Thermal Properties, ILCPA Volume 40, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 40)
    Study focused on the performance of injection moulded short Wallostonite filler and chopped glass fiber reinforced hybrid epoxy composites. Results showed that hybridization of glass fiber and Wallostonite was found to be comparable to that of epoxy glass fiber composites. Analysis of fiber length distribution in the composite and fracture surface was performed to study fiber breakage fracture mechanism. The simultaneous compounding of epoxy with two fillers was done to obtain a hybrid composite. The mechanical properties of hybrid, injection molded, chopped glass fiber/ Wallostonite/epoxy composites have been investigated by considering the effect of hybridization by these two fillers. This system is expected to have considerable mechanical properties. It has been found that the tensile, flexural, and impact properties of the filled epoxy were higher than those of unfilled epoxy. The hybrid effects of the tensile strength and modulus were studied by the rule of hybrid mixtures (RoHM) using the values of single fiber composites.
    Characterization, DSC, Epoxy, S2 Glass Fiber, TGA, Wallostonite