Zdzisław Pluta, Tadeusz Hryniewicz, Quantum Nature of Vehicle Motion, ILCPA Volume 13, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 13)
    The paper presents a new adequate look on the character of motion of any material body, such as moving vehicle. It has been proved, that motion of material bodies has a quantum character. Due to this their consecutive energetic states are obtained by a jump. The phenomenon of quantum in the reference to vehicle kinetics has been derived by indicating its place on the background of characteristics of whole mechanics. The length of vehicle way in particular phases of its motion is that source characteristics the derivatives of which form the development of motion description of a material solid/body. It has been indicated that the quantum nature of body motion does not depend on its magnitude. Thus, as has been noticed, there is an analogy between the macro-body motion and electron motion which change its energy also by jump, by getting from one orbit (energetic level) to another.
    Energetic Bridge, Kinematic Potential Field, Kinetics, Length of Potential Field, Motion, Potential Field, Space-Time, Static Potential Field, Time Constant, Vehicle