Maureen O. Chijioke-Okere, Nnaemeka John Okorocha, Basil N. Anukam, Emeka E. Oguzie, Photocatalytic Degradation of a Basic Dye Using Zinc Oxide Nanocatalyst, ILCPA Volume 81, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 81)
    The potential of Calcinated and uncalcinated zinc oxide as effective Photocatatlyst for the degradation of malachite green dye, MG from aqueous medium using UV light has been identified. The photocatalysts were characterized using scanning electron microscope, SEM and x-ray diffraction, XRD. The SEM investigations of the calcinated ZnO revealed highly dispersed nanomaterials and the particles were of nanometer size in agreement with the XRD result. The uncalcinated zinc oxide, ZnO revealed some pronounced nanoparticles. The degradation of MG by the photocatalyst was found to be influenced by adsorbent loading and irradiating time. The optimum degradation was obtained at 0.5g catalyst loading of both calcinated and uncalcinated zinc oxide which is 98.48% and 96.31 % respectively at 150 minutes. The degradation kinetics conformed to the pseudo-first-order kinetic model. The present study showed that calcinated and uncalcinated zinc oxide ZnO can be effectively used as efficient photocatalyst for the degradation of Malachite green dyes from aqueous solutions and effluents.
    Degradation, Kinetics, Malachite Green, Photocatalyst, Zinc Oxide