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Publish My Paper

SciPress is committed to the Open Access model of publishing. This ensures free web access to the results of research and maximum visibility for the papers published. For the papers the Review Fee makes 20 USD, and the Publication Fee is 180 USD. There are no any hidden processing fees. Use your promocodes if any.

If you already have an account with us, just login and submit your paper.

In case you have never published with us and have no SciPress account, please register first to submit your paper.

What to do after login?

After login you should go through the following steps:

  • Choose a journal, in which you want to publish your paper (these can be several topics in one journal).
  • Pick out a class of the scientific research in the item "Edit paper", point a paper in Doc and Pdf formats and press the button "Upload".
  • Add your "Paper Title" and "Abstract".
  • Add all authors of the paper in the item "Edit authors".
  • Check the keywords list or add new keywords in the item "Edit keywords".
  • Read the License Agreement in the item "License", select the type of the work, confirm to sign the License Agreement and press the button "Submit".
  • Point all necessary items in the section "Checklist". It is possible to submit the Checklist only after you fill in all the required information about author's paper during the previous steps.

Finally you need to put the necessary marks in the Checklist and confirm it by pressing the "Submit" button thereby finalizing the submission of your paper.