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Conference Ethics and Quality Control

Cooperation on Conference Proceedings Publication

SciPress Ltd. is willing to publish proceedings of the conferences which supply original, high-quality research papers of current international interest. In our intention to contribute to the benefits of the global information community, we follow the principles presented in the Recommended Practices to Ensure Technical Conference Content Quality, which have been developed by ASCE, Elsevier, IEEE and The IET.

When making decisions concerning a possible cooperation with conferences organizers SciPress Ltd. considers the following:

  • The Call for Papers of a conference should be clearly stated.
  • The conference organizers should accept papers which meet the conference scope and are of good written English quality.
  • The conference organizers must not promise any index services on their website.
  • The conference organizers ought to obey international spam ethics.
  • Each paper should be presented by at least one of the Authors at the conference.
  • The papers can only be submitted to one conference.
  • The papers are to be submitted by corresponding Authors.

The following measures and steps are undertaken by SciPress Ltd. to provide the quality control:

  • SciPress Ltd. provides the Editors of the conference proceedings with the online tools for efficient management of the editorial process.
  • All papers should pass a peer review involving at least two Reviewers. It should be managed by means of the online tools provided for assigning Reviewers, tracking the reports and controlling the process to assure the proper review.
  • SciPress Ltd. restrains plagiarism in all its forms and implements the Similarity Check using the services powered by iThenticate.
  • All papers are subject to the final internal review by SciPress Ltd. before being published and can be declined at this stage.