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Main Features of SciPress Webinterface

SciPress integrates advanced algorithms to deliver a smarter user experience to help our Authors, Reviewers, Editors improve and develop their scientific ideas and increase the visibility of their research.

Authors Webinterface:
  • SciPress provides user-friendly interface
  • SciPress system allows submitting papers in a simple way
  • Authors can monitor the status of their papers online
  • Authors can see the review reports and Editors’ comments immediately
  • SciPress system allows easily upload revised papers
  • Authors can contact the Editor directly
  • Authors can get all notification regarding their paper

To get an idea of the actual implementation of the features, please refer to the Manual for Authors.

Reviewers Webinterface:
  • Reviewers have a fast access to the papers assigned for review
  • SciPress system provides a simple way to create a review report
  • Reviewers are in direct communication with the Editor

The detailed description of all stages of the peer review process is presented in the Manual for Reviewers.

Editors Webinterface:
  • SciPress system provides Editors with a simple tool for managing conferences
  • Direct communication with Authors and Reviewers
  • SciPress system allows Editors to assign Reviewers in a simple way
  • The Editing Tool is free of charge
  • Plagiarism check through iThenticate (CrossCheck) is available

Clear guidelines on the management of the editorial process in the Editor Webinterface are available in the Manual for Editors.

Each manuscript undergoes a review process before a decision on acceptance for publication is made.

We set a high value on the quality and do our best to make our periodicals match the high academic publishing standards and meet the interests of world’s scientific community.

Our team is always ready to provide support to all participants of the publishing process. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, special requests or suggestions you have.