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Volume 2, November 2018

Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism

ISSN: 2624-8220


Volume 2

Online since: November 2018

Description: This volume of the Sustainable Geosciences and Geotourism shows the latest scientific investigations dealt with determination the concentrations of elements in mine tailings from different gold mining villages in Ife/Ijesa zone, Nigeria as well as evaluation the levels of contamination based on the geo-accumulation index and ecological risk; geological mapping of the residual soils to appraise the soils in relation to proper planning and development of the Federal University of Technology, Akure campus, Nigeria; analysis of the application of selected concepts of sustainability management within Unesco Global Geoparks’ certification and networking processes; examination of the spatial distribution and patronage of ecotourism attractions in Enugu State, Nigeria.


Volume 1

Online since: June 2018


Editorial Paper

Online since: December 2017