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Volume 4, April 2021

Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism

ISSN: 2624-8220


SGG Volume 4

Online since: April 2021

Description: This volume focuses on analyzing the physical properties and chemical composition of Itakpe iron ore mine tailings in Nigeria from the position of environmental safety and efficiency of used recovery technology of the hematite-magnetite ore. Another study evaluated the geotourism potential of Eruku City in Nigeria and its environs, emphasizing the Ilado hill.


SGG Volume 3

Online since: May 2020


This volume is devoted to the study of influence of an incredible increase in tourism activities on environment in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City over the years. Another study evaluated the strength characteristics of gneiss-derived residual Soils as materials usable for road pavement structures in Nigeria.


SGG Volume 2

Online since: November 2018

Description: This volume of the Sustainable Geosciences and Geotourism shows the latest scientific investigations dealt with determination the concentrations of elements in mine tailings from different gold mining villages in Ife/Ijesa zone, Nigeria as well as evaluation the levels of contamination based on the geo-accumulation index and ecological risk; geological mapping of the residual soils to appraise the soils in relation to proper planning and development of the Federal University of Technology, Akure campus, Nigeria; analysis of the application of selected concepts of sustainability management within Unesco Global Geoparks’ certification and networking processes; examination of the spatial distribution and patronage of ecotourism attractions in Enugu State, Nigeria.


SGG Volume 1

Online since: June 2018


Editorial Paper

Online since: December 2017