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Evaluation of Geotourism Potential of Eruku and its Environs: A Case for Ilado Hill

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Geotourism potential of Eruku and its environs with emphasis on Ilado hill was appraised.The methods adopted in this work includes geological field mapping and interview. From the field mapping exercise, the rocks in Eruku and its environs include migmatite, gneisses, amphibolite granites, diorite and pegmatite. The tourist attractions include remnant of ancient city wall (Odi Ilu), joining wall (Odi Abumo) and Ilado hill. Ilado hill was also discovered to be an abandoned ancient city with city gate made of gold with full regalia of African administrative offices. The conclusion drawn from this work is that Ilado hill fulfilled all the requirements to be a tourist destination, and hence, it is a good source of recreation while also serving as source of income for the Eruku City and government at large.


Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism (Volume 4)
O. S. Bamigboye et al., "Evaluation of Geotourism Potential of Eruku and its Environs: A Case for Ilado Hill", Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism, Vol. 4, pp. 9-16, 2021
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April 2021

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