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SFP > Peer Review Process

Peer Review and Quality Control

Having received a submitted manuscript, an Editor considers the manuscript for suitability to the journal’s scope and decides whether to send it for peer review. The Editor checks whether the manuscript was prepared according to the basic requirements. The paper which does not match the criteria will be rejected.

After the basic check, each manuscript undergoes a single-blind peer review by independent researchers with relevant area of expertise. The peer review process takes 3-5 weeks. It is aimed at ensuring high quality of the research materials and serves as a validation mechanism of scholarly publishing.

Upon completion of the peer review, all the Reviewers send their detailed reports with comments and recommendations on the manuscript to the Editor. Reviewers do not decide on accepting or rejecting papers, they only recommend a decision on this matter to the Editor.

The Editor or the Editorial board study the Reviewers’ reports and make their final decision, which can be as follows:

  • To accept the paper without any changes (acceptance): the paper will be published in its original form.
  • To accept the paper with optional minor changes (acceptance): the paper will be published after the Author makes small corrections.
  • To revise the paper (mandatory minor/major revision): the paper will be reviewed after the Author(s) introduce(s) the changes suggested by the Reviewers and/or the Editor.
  • To reject the paper (rejection): the paper will not be published or reconsidered for publication even if the Author(s) makes a major revision.

Peer Review and Quality Control