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Effect of Starter Culture on the Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Profile of Fermented Parkia biglobosa Seeds

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Iru, a condiment used for seasoning soup is often obtained from the fermentation of Parkia biglobosa seeds. The present study therefore investigates the effect of different starter culture on the amino and fatty acid profile of Parkia biglobosa seed fermented to produce iru. Starter culture of Lactobacillus plantarum, Bacillus subtilis and Leuconostoc sp were used to ferment Parkia biglobosa seeds. The bacterial load increased from 0.00 log10cfu/g in boiled raw sample to 8.67 log10cfu/g in naturally fermented sample. Fermentation significantly (P<0.05) increased the quantity of the amino acids in fermented samples. Aspartic acid (25.85 g/100g) and linoleic acid (42.99 %) were the highest amino and fatty acids respectively in the fermented samples. The result from this study reveals that fermentation significantly increase the amino and fatty acid profile of Parkia biglobosa fermented to produce iru, a Nigerian condiment.


Sustainable Food Production (Volume 9)
A. V. Atere et al., "Effect of Starter Culture on the Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Profile of Fermented Parkia biglobosa Seeds", Sustainable Food Production, Vol. 9, pp. 15-22, 2020
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November 2020

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