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Dietary Effect of Velvet Bean (Mucuna utilis) Leaf Meal on Haematology and Serum Biochemistry of Broiler Finisher Birds

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A study was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding varying levels of Mucuna utilis leaf meal (MULM) on the haematological and serum biochemistry parameters of broiler finisher birds using ninety six (96) four week old chicks for 29 days. The birds were randomly assigned to the four treatments, each replicated three times with eight (8) birds constituting a replicate. The birds were allotted to four treatments containing 0, 10, 20, and 30% MULM. The haematological parameters evaluated showed no significant difference (P> 0.05) on PCV, Hb, RBC and WBC. MCHC was improved and better at D birds in comparison to other treatments. MCV and MCH differ significantly (P< 0.05) with birds on control showing higher values than those on C and D. Total protein, albumin and globulin showed better (p<0.05) values for the treatment groups when compared with the control group. The study concluded that, on account of adequate haematocrit and immune status, incorporation of MULM at 30% in the diets of broiler finisher birds had no deleterious effect on haematological and serum biochemical indices and therefore recommend for production of healthy broilers.


Sustainable Food Production (Volume 2)
P.-D. C. Jiwuba and E. C. Onunwa, "Dietary Effect of Velvet Bean (Mucuna utilis) Leaf Meal on Haematology and Serum Biochemistry of Broiler Finisher Birds", Sustainable Food Production, Vol. 2, pp. 1-5, 2018
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June 2018

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