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An Analytical Study of 2013 Cinematic Adaptation of The Great Gatsby

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Comparative Literature is categorized among interdisciplinary studies and tries to bridge a gap between different and separated spheres of human studies. Adaptation studies is a subdivision of Comparative Literature that makes a bond between Literature and Cinema. Both Literature and Cinema are two different mediums or different means of expression. Each has its own language to convey meaning. While novel uses words, cinema uses visual and aural images to convey meaning. Linda Hutchean is a famous adaptation theorist and her theories are used by many critics. She categorizes four different parts for her theory. What? Who and Why? How? When and Where? Through these four main parts, she scrutinizes adaptation process. What, refers to the form, changes, gains and losses, using different tools to convey meaning. Who, refers to the adapter. She poses this question that in adaptation process who is the real adapter? Director, composer, screenplay writer or editor? Why, refers to the motivation of the adapter. She tries to find out different motivation of an adapter to adapt a work. When and Where, refers to the time and place of the adaptation process and its influence both during creation and reception process. In this thesis all of these four main parts of Hutcheon’s theory are scrutinized over 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby by Buz Luhrmann. Similarities and differences between a novel and film are illuminated through this research. By determining differences between a film and a novel, hidden and unhidden aspects of the novel will be illuminated and this is a pleasure that a comparatist seeks.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 68)
A. Anushirvani and E. Alinezhadi, "An Analytical Study of 2013 Cinematic Adaptation of The Great Gatsby", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 68, pp. 73-85, 2016
Online since:
Apr 2016