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“A Whole Way of Life”: Ontology of Culture from Raymond Williams’s Perspective

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An overall understanding of culture, both the culture of community one lives in and the culture of communities one communicates with, seems to be important for people to live their lives under the shelter of peace. This study hands over and foregrounds what people should notice when they face with their own and other nation’s culture in order to understand it better and prevent probable problems. Knowing about the essence of one's own culture, the person can protect it while it is being attacked by other cultures. It is predicted that by being aware of all the criteria just mentioned, people can both protect their own genuine culture and communicate with other communities, with different cultures, without facing with or creating crucial problems; as a result, they can live peacefully and help the matter of globalization. The main goal of this study is to present ontology of culture through which people would be able to get how to know their own and other's cultures. This knowledge helps them to communicate properly by knowing about what aspects of culture they should focus on when facing other cultures in order not to create any crucial problem.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 67)
F. Fakhimi Anbaran, "“A Whole Way of Life”: Ontology of Culture from Raymond Williams’s Perspective", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 67, pp. 46-56, 2016
Online since:
March 2016

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