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The Influence of Policies on the Rural Part of the Pannonian Plain, Case Study: Region of Vojvodina

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In this article are given the opinions by Pannonia countryside inhabitants that belong to the Republic of Serbia about some characteristics of everyday policy. The opinions are gathered by poll which was distributed by e-mail to different areas of the Province of Vojvodina. Namely, 122 participants who filled the poll correctly estimated ten stances. They were formed on the basis of the themes about which the farmers have most often discussed. Special attention was directed to differences concerning the opinion of participants of different gender and age structure, activity and political engagement. Descriptive statistics, T-test and one-factor analysis of ANOVA variance have been used for establishing the differences and were complemented by Post-hoc Tukey test. This paper could be used for improvement of connections and relationships among the politicians, policy and countryside.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 62)
T. Lukić et al., "The Influence of Policies on the Rural Part of the Pannonian Plain, Case Study: Region of Vojvodina", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 62, pp. 157-172, 2015
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October 2015

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