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ILSHS Volume 60

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Semiotic Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's Poem "The Raven"

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What do we mean by semiotics and what is the role of semiotics in communication How can we apply semiotics in literary works Is that really possible When we are talking about sign system there are so many questions that rush to our mind which are unanswered, this is because of our infinitesimal knowledge on semiotics and sign system. We have so many authors showing the power of words in their works and they highlighted those words in their masterpieces. So words play a great role in communication and transformation of information and they believe that each word belongs to a system which we call it sign system. In general this paper attempts to show semiotics in general; how, why and when it came into existence and we will apply this approach on a poem called “the raven” by Edgar Allan Poe


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 60)
P. R. Balan, "Semiotic Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's Poem "The Raven"", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 60, pp. 96-101, 2015
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September 2015

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