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The Mediterranean Sea in the Martime Policy of the Byzantine Emperors in the VI Century

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The turn of the V and VI century AD was an important period in the history of the Roman Empire fleet. The Mediterranean Sea once again became, a body of water full of competitive fleets, threatening the remnants of the Western Roman Empire and the provinces of Byzantium. On the emperors of the East, in Constantinople, fell to conserve the heritage of Rome, and the conduct of maritime policy in the Mediterranean. They had to contend with the fleets of Vandals, Goths, who quickly discovered the benefits of having their own naval forces, which helped them to master most of the islands in the western Mediterranean. Only Justinian I broke the losing streak of the Roman fleet, going on the offensive on the sea, in his attempt to reconstruct the old empire. It was a very long process that ended successfully


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 6)
M. Böhm, "The Mediterranean Sea in the Martime Policy of the Byzantine Emperors in the VI Century", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 6, pp. 75-85, 2013
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September 2013

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