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Social Investments as a Tool for Increasing the Social Capital of the Company

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The attention is focused on issues of social capital enterprises as part of the post-Soviet space required to improve management and innovation, sustainable development and economic security. Reveals that social capital reduces turbulence, risk and uncertainty within the company and partially in the environment.Found that at the present stage of social investment of domestic enterprises their investments are more aimed at implementing internal programs that aim to develop their own human capital, resource and needs of employees. The lion's share of them occupy the program "baseline" level of social investment, covering the payment of contributions for compulsory social programs and private health insurance spending to ensure proper working conditions, training and educational programs for employees. However, in post-Soviet countries are still lacking professional business associations with social responsibility.The necessity of strengthening social investment modern enterprises to build social capital, and outlined challenges for the development of the social investment in Ukraine such as the lack of a common awareness of social investments, unsystematic approach to social investment, lack of generally accepted standards of public social reporting companies.In terms of permanent changes in the economy post-Soviet countries there is a need to develop effective methods of evaluating the impact of social investment on the development of social capital in domestic enterprises and finding ways to optimize the management of all components of social capital.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 58)
O. Brezhneva-Yermolenko, "Social Investments as a Tool for Increasing the Social Capital of the Company", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 58, pp. 58-67, 2015
Online since:
September 2015

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