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Postmodernism as Discourse from Foucault to Habermas

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During the last decades, the term postmodernity has been highly invoked, on the one hand, or ignored, on the other hand. It is a term that can be found in the writings of various philosophers and sociologists, and is almost ignored and less meaningful within the economic thinking.At first view and analysis, postmodernity is the successor of the modern age, modernity in other words. However, the concept has much deeper meanings; it regards the future, foreshadowing the new realities of today's world, which are very complex and dynamic, and come under endogenous and exogenous influences, activities and issues that are permanently under the influence of multiple and multidimensional challenges [7]. In fact, the period of globalization, of the new trends of the revolutionary ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), is believed to overlap the period of postmodernism.From the philosophical point of view, but also in consonance with the economic life and realities, the individuals and entities of any nature should be characterized by adaptability, the ability to respond promptly and appropriately to the impulses and reactions that affect that system.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 57)
L. Terec-Vlad and A. Trifu, "Postmodernism as Discourse from Foucault to Habermas", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 57, pp. 106-109, 2015
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August 2015

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