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Tailoring an MBA Degree with a Difference in a New University Case: Université des Mascareignes, Mauritius

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This research paper has been prepared with a view to supporting the need to have a Master in Business Administration (MBA General) programme in a new university namely the Université des Mascareignes, Mauritius. The general perception is that MBAs are common commodity worldwide since they are provided by most tertiary institutions specialised in the business management area. The author, who is also the designer of an MBA programme for his university, undertook research in the related area to see whether there is a demand for such courses and how they could be made useful and relevant to prospective students. The research was conducted through questionnaires that initially targeted existing university students ending their undergraduate course and a few external respondents. Findings revealed that there was a strong demand for an MBA course taking into consideration that such a course should be tailor-made to the local students’ needs with courses focusing on the Mauritian context. There was also the feedback from the Academic Council including that of two experts who found the course structure appropriate for Mauritius.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 56)
N. K. Betchoo, "Tailoring an MBA Degree with a Difference in a New University Case: Université des Mascareignes, Mauritius", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 56, pp. 35-43, 2015
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July 2015

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