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ILSHS Volume 54

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A Newly Found Edition of "Forty Positions" by Abu Said Abu Al-Khair

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Abu Said Abu al-Khair (357_440H.) is one of the greatest mystics of Islam whose published works, the "Secrets of monotheism in positions of Sheikh Abu Said Abu al-Khair" and "expressions and words of Abu Said Abu al-Khair" are considered as the most important mystical sources. Secrets of monothsiem is a valuable book that gives us clear information about mystical character of Abu Said Abu al-Khair. Many scholars have been able to extract clear and informative points from this book for their research, have about Abu Said Abu al-Khair's way of life. ALso "expressions and words of Abu Said Abu al-Khair" is an important book that contributed to the greater understanding of emotions and moods of Abu Said Abu al-Khair.But what has long been common among experts is that Abu Said Abu al-Khair has had another work called "positions" that has existed and is gone. Although some Persian language and literature researchers including Professor Shafi'i Kadkani have carefully examined and presented many copies of this work some of which have been published, but still there is a lot more to "positions". In this paper which has been written in a descriptive and analytical method with research approach firts we study works that have introduced this book and then a rare manuscript of this valuable work will be introduced. This version starts with praising of God and then discusses forty mystical positions like nothingness, remorse, repentance, devotion, battle, etc.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 54)
S. M. B. Kamaladdini, "A Newly Found Edition of "Forty Positions" by Abu Said Abu Al-Khair", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 54, pp. 34-39, 2015
Online since:
June 2015

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