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The Impact of Sales Promotion and Product Branding on Company Performance (“STATE LIFE” Insurance Industry of Pakistan)

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Purpose: The aim of this study is to investigate how to effect of product branding and sales promotion to an organization growth has its performance. the insurance industry because the growth of this industry is mainly tied to the success of good product brands and sales promotion. However, the organizational performance and increase in profit and revenue should be understood by the content. The study also aims to show focus how to insurance industry effect the performance of slae promotion and product branding. Design/methodology/approach: Survey of insurance companies is to be considered but due to the large number of the operators, the authors chose only one case sample of State Life Insurance which has a larger sales outlet and good number of branches nationwide. A total of 60 field survey questionnaires were distributed while 14 refined. Findings: The data collected and analyzed using the chi-square (x2) method. Conclution: Hence, our conclusions from findings show that product branding and sales promotion affect organizational growth. Originality/value: By reviewing the different finding that the Sale promoton and product branding. The contribution of this paper is to look at how to finding the effective solution of sale promotion and product branding to effect the performance of insurance idustry. Study of paper: The study of this paper is exploratry is qualitative study of research.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 50)
M. Ibrar, "The Impact of Sales Promotion and Product Branding on Company Performance (“STATE LIFE” Insurance Industry of Pakistan)", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 50, pp. 129-136, 2015
Online since:
March 2015

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