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Evaluation of the Relationship between Philosophical Mindset and Doing Managerial Tasks

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Evaluation of the relationship between the philosophical mindset of managers and their managerial components in secondary schools of the BOJNURD city in year 2012-2013, was the main aim of this paper. This study given to the nature of relevant subject and purposes of this study is descriptive - correlation. Statistical Population is all managers of secondary schools of the BOJNURD city, all Statistical Population were used in collecting information (n = 70). Data collection tool was two questionnaires included a questionnaire with 60 questions about the philosophical mindset which has examined comprehensiveness, depth and flexibility and other questionnaire was SOCIOMETRIC questionnaire which Managers tasks in five categories of planning, organizing, coordinating, evaluating and staff morale was measured, this questionnaire was developed as a teacher questionnaire. Questionnaire based on CRONBACH'S alpha was approved. The results show that there is a significant relationship between the philosophical mind Directors of managers with their performance in return for their management tasks. Also, between gender of managers and their education was not observed a significant difference.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 46)
K. Niazazari and S. Khosroabadi, "Evaluation of the Relationship between Philosophical Mindset and Doing Managerial Tasks", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 46, pp. 70-76, 2015
Online since:
January 2015

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