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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences
Volume 43


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ILSHS > Volume 43 > A Unifying Field in Logics - Book Review
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A Unifying Field in Logics - Book Review

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Paradoxism is an avant-garde movement in literature, art, philosophy, science, based on excessive use of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, parables, odds, paradoxes in creations. It was set up and led by the writer Florentin Smarandache since 1980's, who said: "The goal is to enlargement of the artistic sphere through non-artistic elements. But especially the counter-time, counter-sense creation. Also, to experiment." Paradoxism = paradox + ism, means the theory and school of using paradoxes in literary, artistic, philosophical, scientific creations. "Paradoxism started as an anti-totalitarian protest against a closed society, Romania of 1980's, where the whole culture was manipulated by a small group. Only their ideas and their publications counted. We couldn't publish almost anything. Later, I based it on contradictions. Why? Because we lived in that society a double life: an official one - propagated by the political system, and another one real. In mass-media it was promulgated that 'our life is wonderful', but in reality 'our life was miserable'. The paradox flourishing!” (Florentin Smarandache). The new theory generalizes the fuzzy logic and introduces also two new concepts: “neutrosophy”, the study of neutralities as an extension of dialectics and its derivative “neutrosophic”, such as “neutrosophic logic”, neutrosophic set”, “neutrosophic probability”, and “neutrosophic statistics” opening in this manner ways of research in four fields: philosophy, logics, set theory and probability/statistics. According to this new theory is also available Albers Einstein’s statement: “Not everything that can be controled counts and not everything that counts can be counted


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 43)
A. Nicolescu and M. Teodorescu, "A Unifying Field in Logics - Book Review", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 43, pp. 48-59, 2015
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Nov 2014