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Armed Rebellion and the Future of Self-Determination in the Niger Delta

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Armed rebellion has remained a constant decimal in the relation between the states and rebel groups in contemporary strategic discourse. The resolve by the Niger people of Nigeria to resort to arms and their agitations appear to have found deeper understanding within the context of history. This paper takes a historical look at the foundations of the agitations of the people of the Niger Delta and the ultimate decision to address their displeasure through the use terror or armed rebellion. It addresses the philosophy underpinning self-determination programmes of the Niger Delta militants and the responses of Nigerian state to the agitations of the Niger Delta militants. The paper therefore concludes that the use of arms as the ultimate ratio may remain the future of relationship in the Niger Delta because of the fundamental defects in the policies of the Nigerian state.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 43)
A. Adeyemi-Suenu, "Armed Rebellion and the Future of Self-Determination in the Niger Delta", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 43, pp. 18-26, 2015
Online since:
November 2014

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