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ILSHS > Volume 36 > Odile Riondet in Communication Horizon
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Odile Riondet in Communication Horizon

Removed due to low scientific level

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The study radiographies the scientific contribution of Professor Odile Riondet in communication domain. It is ascertained that the standard R. T. Craig, of the "seven major traditions" of "communication field theory", is inapplicable. The method that is used is the axis of segregation of problems after expressed ideational. It emerges that Odile Riondet as advocate of SIC (Sciences de l'information et communication), is positioned by default in "communication science". It results that she has meritorious contributions to communication epistemology, in communication ethics, communication philosophy and communication anthropology. It is concluded that in the communication horizon, Odile Riondet can be remembered as outstanding specialist of the "communication anthropology" axis.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 36)
Ş. Vlăduţescu "Odile Riondet in Communication Horizon", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 36, pp. 59-66, 2014
Online since:
July 2014