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“Brand Building through Corporate Social Responsibility” - A Case Study of SBI Life Insurance

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CSR activities refer to the initiatives an individual corporate entity undertakes as an extra effort for the welfare of the society, environment as a whole. This initiative is a kind of gratitude shown by the corporates towards the society from whom they earn wholesome profits. This study aims in finding out how significant CSR activities are in building a brand name and making one a good employer and an employee. This study also intends to seek how Indian companies can face the competition by widening the CSR actions of their firms. Interview of Human Resource senior official of SBI Life Insurance was undertaken to complete this study. The findings of the study suggest that there is a significant rise in the business performances of SBI Life Insurance through the conduction of CSR activities. With the boom of international trade and outsourcing business, their CSR conduct is the sine quo non for building a more powerful brand name.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 29)
R. K. Yadav and R. Jain, "“Brand Building through Corporate Social Responsibility” - A Case Study of SBI Life Insurance", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 29, pp. 34-38, 2014
Online since:
June 2014

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