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ILSHS > Volume 26 > Sustainable Logistics and Business Competitiveness
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Sustainable Logistics and Business Competitiveness

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Competitiveness, from the point of view of the company, can be defined as the ability to provide products and services in the same, or a more efficient way, than competitors do. The competitiveness of companies is, of course influenced by many factors, until recently, it was mainly the quality and price of goods or services. For some time, often appear another important factor for consumer, when choosing goods, it is the ratio of the principles of sustainable development. Due to the assumptions of companies steady growth, and taking into account the limited amount of available resources, we should mention the assumptions of sustainable development. It promotes activities, that seek to meet the needs of our generation, not crossed the needs of future generations. At the microeconomic level, the equivalent of sustainable development is the idea of socially responsible business. Companies that decide to implement its business principles of sustainable development, they are forced to accept the principle of socialized business.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 26)
I. C. Dima et al., "Sustainable Logistics and Business Competitiveness", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 26, pp. 148-156, 2014
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Apr 2014