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Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship of Educational Management Students in Andimeshk Payame Noor University

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The goal of this study was to search for the factors affecting entrepreneurship of educational management students in Andimeshk Payame Noor University in 2012-2013. That was a survey and the research method was descriptive. The statistic population included 400 full time members of faculties in these universities and 200 participants were selected based on accidental sampling. The tool used in this survey was a questionnaire which included 33 statements. The validity of questionnaire was emphasized and accepted by 10 experts in this field and the reliability of questionnaire was determined based on Chronbach’s Alpha coefficient and the number was 0.93. For the analysis of data, a combination of descriptive and inferential techniques including independent T test and Friedman ranking test was used. Findings indicated by 95 % of assurance the individual, social and economical factors affect on the educational management students' entrepreneurship in order according to the students views.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
S. Ghayazi et al., "Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship of Educational Management Students in Andimeshk Payame Noor University", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 21, pp. 51-61, 2014
Online since:
February 2014

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