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ILSHS > ILSHS Volume 21 > The Illegitimate Children Parentage
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The Illegitimate Children Parentage

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Parentage is linking something to something else. Linkage is of two types: 1. Longituidinal linkage like donation between fathers and sons. 2. Laternal linkage like a donation as between sisters and aunts. So parentage is an infinitive, meaning relationship, kinship, and interest between two things. In Farsi, it is called lineage and French apply the word "filation" as meaning continuity, chain, generation, seed, successiveness, cohesion and subsequent things, coming after one another. Scholars and lawyers have provided various definitions. So, parentage means the birth of a person from a mother created by way of lawful marriage or by the possession of a woman for a man or by way of uncertainty, i.e. a person with a specific father or that the birth of two peoples out of one origin.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
A. Rashidi, "The Illegitimate Children Parentage", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 21, pp. 163-171, 2014
Online since:
February 2014

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