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Knowledge Management a Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Firms (Evidence of Manufacturing Companies)

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Knowledge as the basis of competition is the most important factor and the knowledge, innovations also Technology and knowledge based companies as the most important factor for survival is known. Knowledge Process Entrepreneurship, the creation of knowledge and the conversion of products and services through innovation. The most basic feature of Intelligent Organizations twenty-first century, the emphasis on knowledge and information. Unlike previous organizations, organizations advanced technologies today, require Acquisition, management and exploitation of knowledge and information to improve efficiency, manage and track Variations are endless. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can change the world And innovations made ​​possible. Knowledge management is an interdisciplinary business model with all aspects of knowledge creation, Coding, sharing and using knowledge to enhance learning and innovation in the context of the company and Is working. This study developed a questionnaire and send it to companies located in the industrial town managers found that knowledge management has an impact on the surface of the competitive advantage's Knowledge management and competitive advantage, Innovation , Organizational performance, Customer satisfaction, The study variables were. Ranged the in 2,013th were tested. The results indicate that Knowledge management has made ​​a significant competitive advantage.


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 14)
B. Meihami and H. Meihami, "Knowledge Management a Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Firms (Evidence of Manufacturing Companies)", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 14, pp. 80-91, 2014
Online since:
October 2013

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