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The Unification of Differences

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In this paper, I discuss the evolving idea of the ―One World‖ as articulated in Wolfgang Sachs‘ article (1992), which was derived from the principles of the 1945 UN Charter. The paper also presents an insightful discussion on the recent crisis of perception in the three ‗world regions‘ which are dominating the development discourse i.e. the Unites States, Europe and China. It argues that this is primarily a crisis of perception; ―the world has turned into a mirror, which reflects a reality of us, which is constructed by experts of the system‖. It argues that placeless cultural knowledge has transformed our reality into a reality which lacks a place. We are stuck in our space - centered belief systems and we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The paper concludes that universalism has made us to be alone in space, knowing about the whole world, but at the same time unable to feel the connection to this world. We have lost presence, the ability to perceive our body and therefore the relation to the earth


International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 10)
S. Freytag, "The Unification of Differences", International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Vol. 10, pp. 25-31, 2013
Online since:
September 2013

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