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Physicochemical Parameter of Palm Oil and Soil from Ihube Community, Okigwe, Imo State Nigeria

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This study assessed the quality of palm oil and soil quality from Ihube community, Okigwe L.G.A of Imo state in October 2015. The soil samples were collected from the top soil and the palm oil were collected immediately after extraction. The soil and palm oil were analyzed using standard analytical methods and the results obtained were compared to standards. The physicochemical analysis of the soil samples showed that ranges of EC (323.33±0.57-480.33±1.53 us/cm); Temperature (28.0±0.26 29.1±0.20 °C); %MC (20.9±0.80-40.8±0.10); %SOM (1.92±0.61-4.85±0.01) which were within the acceptable limits while CEC (5.471-8.1063 mg/kg); iron (0.311-0.731 mg/kg) and lead (0.004-0.054 mg/kg) were is not appreciable. The palm oil result showed that MC (0.32±0.09 %) which is above the acceptable limit, pH (4.71±0.01-4.74±0.01) and viscosity (23.41±0.44-106.23±0.55 mPas) obtained at temperature range 20 °C-50 °C. The FFA result for 10days showed ranges from (2.15±0.01-6.07±0.05 mgNaOH/g) with Fe, (2.00±0.01-5.43±0.51 mgNaOH/g) with Pb and (1.27±0.03-5.04±0.03 mgNaOH/g) without contamination. This was tested using anova at p = 0.05 respectively and showed significant difference between the results. However, the result obtained from these areas shows good quality soil for palm tree cultivation.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 62)
C. E. Enyoh et al., "Physicochemical Parameter of Palm Oil and Soil from Ihube Community, Okigwe, Imo State Nigeria", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 62, pp. 35-43, 2017
Online since:
March 2017

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