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Using X-Ray Fluoresces Analysis to Assess Level of Major and Trace Elements in Cultivated Vegetables at Baghdad City

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The aim of this study was determine the current levels of major and a trace element in vegetables was grown in Baghdad city, two region check in this study (Al-Taji, north of Baghdad and Al-Rashid south of Baghdad). Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis was used as technique for analysis of samples. Six different samples of plant are selected to study, which was tubers, leafy and fruiting. Samples checking was Lettuce, Bean, Apples, Potato, Cabbage and pear. Elements analysis as major elements were (Ca, K and Mn) and trace elements were (Fe, Cu, Pb, Sr and Zn). Results showed that concentrations of elements are in relative agree with the concentrations in neighbor countries and the standards of IAEU.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 52)
M. M. Mutter, "Using X-Ray Fluoresces Analysis to Assess Level of Major and Trace Elements in Cultivated Vegetables at Baghdad City", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 52, pp. 84-87, 2016
Online since:
March 2016

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