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Palynology, Palynofacies and Palaeoenvironments of Sedimentary Organic Matter from Bonyere - 1 Well, Tano Basin, Western Ghana

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Palynofacies analyses from Bonyere Well No. 1 in the Tano basin, western Ghana has revealed five palynofacies associations (I – V) based on the percentage relative abundances of the sedimentary organic matter (SOM). The palynofacies associations reflect deposition in a fluvio-deltaic (oxic) environment, a distal dysoxic-anoxic shelf environment, a proximal dysoxic-suboxic environment, nearshore (oxic) and a fluvio-deltaic/nearshore environment with high oxygen levels and low preservation rates respectively. Based on marker palynomorphs, Campanian – Maastrichtian age has been assigned to sediments within the interval (1800-10 ft) – (90-100 ft), Turonian – Lower Senonian (Santonian) age between (3160-70 ft) – (1980-90 ft) and Aptian age between the interval (8140-50 ft) – (3340-50 ft). The absence of the elater-bearing pollen which are typical Africa-South America (ASA) elements for the Albian – Cenomanian age is indicative of an unconformity between the Aptian and Turonian sediments.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 5)
D. Atta-Peters et al., "Palynology, Palynofacies and Palaeoenvironments of Sedimentary Organic Matter from Bonyere - 1 Well, Tano Basin, Western Ghana", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 5, pp. 27-45, 2013
Online since:
November 2013

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