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Trend Analysis of Climate Change in Chittagong Station in Bangladesh

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The amount of rainfall received over an area is an important factor in assessing availability of water to meet various demands for agriculture, industry, irrigation, generation of hydroelectricity and other human activities. Over the study period of recent 30 years, trend values of monsoon average rainfall in Chittagong have increased. This paper has measured the correlation coefficients between rainfall and time for Chittagong, where correlation coefficient for Chittagong is positive. In order to check the strength of linear relationship between rainfall and time, P-value has been measured. Due to various factors of Chittagong region of Bangladesh, there is a growing need to study the rainfall, temperature and humidity pattern. This study was checked annual average rainfall of 30 years, temperature of 60 years and humidity of 28 years for this region. It is hoped that this research may be of help to the concerned organizations and experts working on increasing climate variation in Chittagong.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 47)
M. Roy et al., "Trend Analysis of Climate Change in Chittagong Station in Bangladesh", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 47, pp. 42-53, 2015
Online since:
Sep 2015