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Isolating Wine Yeasts that are Specific to the Apold Region and Identifying them through RFLP Genetic Methods

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The present study aims at isolating, identifying and selecting autochthonous wine yeast strains with a view to establish a crop bank specific to the Apold area. 569 wine yeast strains were isolated during the alcoholic fermentation of must from the Apold area, 458 were identified through cultural methods and with the help of the API 20 C AUX test (Biomeriux, France). Six yeast strains (A87, A169, A296, A314, A132 and A413) were genetically identified through the PCR-ITS RFLP method of the 5.8S-ITS segment; the resulting four strains were Saccharomyces cerevisiae - A87, A169, A296, A314 - and two Saccharomyces bayanus strains - A132 și A413. The strains we identified constitute a base for the multiplication of indigenous species with a view to obtain authentic wines that are typical to their area of origin.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 44)
E. Lengyel, "Isolating Wine Yeasts that are Specific to the Apold Region and Identifying them through RFLP Genetic Methods", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 44, pp. 10-14, 2015
Online since:
July 2015

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