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Analysis of Land Suitability for Small Earth Dams Using Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE) in the Geographic Information System (GIS)

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In many parts of the world, especially in arid and semi-arid, one of the solutions to deal with the major flood season comes, is the dam, as well as water storage dams to store flood also reduced the flood peak flow and damages resulting from it. It must be built in places that best performance in terms of the volume of the reservoir and reduce their discharge. In this paper, using a combination of linear and GIS environment, the proportion of land for the construction of small earth dams in the watershed Kal Ajy in the East province with an area of 170.90 km, based on five criteria (slope of the stream bed, the distance from the village, away from sources of credit, apart from agricultural lands, areas with severe erosion) to assess and map the proportion of the land in the study area was prepared. This map priority areas for the construction of small dams and earthen offers. The results indicate that 27 percent of the region is important for small earth dams are suitable.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 42)
A. Safavian and M. Amani, "Analysis of Land Suitability for Small Earth Dams Using Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE) in the Geographic Information System (GIS)", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 42, pp. 38-46, 2015
Online since:
July 2015

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