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Effects of Anaerobic Exercise on some Coagulation Factors in Non-Athletes Female Students of Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj

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The purpose of the present research is compare the effects of coagulation factors in non-athletes gilrs after exhaustive anaerobic activity .Present study was semi-emprical that was done on 12 non-athlete female students in range of 18-24 years. Exercise protocol was RAST test, that in which each person passed amain 35 meters of distance for 6 times and rest 10 seconds between each stage.Blood sampling was performed in two stages (before and after).Datas were analyzed with Kolmogorov Smirnov test, Levine's test and two-way ANOVA level (p < 0/05 ). The results showed that anaerobic exercise had a significant influence on partial time Thromboplastin (PTT), and fibrinogen in non-athletic subjects.But there was not significative difference on Prothrombin time (PT), platelet and hematocrit.Findings suggested that a meeting of anaerobic exercise on blood coagulation factor, effectiveness and changes in some of the invoices for training program Drafradghyrfal is important.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 39)
M. Foroughi and E. F. Tabatabai, "Effects of Anaerobic Exercise on some Coagulation Factors in Non-Athletes Female Students of Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 39, pp. 20-27, 2015
Online since:
May 2015

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