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(Nano)Technology for Managing Plant Organisms with the Help of Targeted Impact Using the Signals of the Physical Nature

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One of the major problems of agricultural production has been to improve the sowing qualities of seeds to increase yields of various crops. In this regard, of particular interest is the control technology of vegetable organisms by "address the impact of" signals of the physical nature. Plasma treatment of seeds influences the growth and development of the amaranth. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the exposure time of the exposure. The largest positive treatment effect of the plasma on the growth, development and yield of amaranth has been observed when the exposure 60 seconds, leading to increased yields.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 32)
V.V. Karpachev et al., "(Nano)Technology for Managing Plant Organisms with the Help of Targeted Impact Using the Signals of the Physical Nature", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 32, pp. 32-35, 2015
Online since:
January 2015

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