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Assessment of Antimutagenic Avenue and Wild Plant Diversity on Roadside near Nature Park, Kolkata, India

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The study of diversity of plants in an urban area is a suitable measure of the terrestrial ecosystem. The study of avenue and wild plants diversity is an important research work, which provides knowledge about naturally occurring chemicals in plants, to protect against mutation, cancer and other diseases. These are commonly called as phytochemicals and the natural chemical ingredients are potent to use in antimutagenicity. The present study aims to understand the occurrence and population nos. of different avenue and wild plants planted or natural on roadside near Nature Park, Kolkata, India. The results clearly indicate that a total population of these plant species are having 282 nos. in the study area. Various literatures clearly revealed that these plants and/or their parts have potent antimutagenic properties by the presence of several phytochemicals. In conclusion, present preliminary research emphasizes an occurrence of antimutagenic avenue and wild plants on roadsides, containing natural chemical ingredients. Previous research works confirmed that toxins or mutagens or carcinogens may cause mutation that leads to cancer. The present study is a preliminary assessment of antimutagenic avenue and wild plant species diversity that have not yet been studied in that particular geographical area. The present study also suggested that avenue and wild plants are suitable for antimutagenic potential along with aesthetical view of human as well as ecosystem support. Therefore, biodiversity study, phytochemicals estimation and conservation of these particular plant species and/or different antimutagenic species in other local area viz. roadsides, parks, forests etc. might be relevant because the plant species can be used for herbal medicine in human healthcare as well as to prevent mutation and cancer.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 29)
S. Das et al., "Assessment of Antimutagenic Avenue and Wild Plant Diversity on Roadside near Nature Park, Kolkata, India", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 29, pp. 57-70, 2015
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November 2014

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