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ILNS > ILNS Volume 24 > Recipes from Yellow Clam Meretrix casta (Chemnitz)
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Recipes from Yellow Clam Meretrix casta (Chemnitz)

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Seafood is an excellent provider of protein with high biological values. Fish, shellfish and other aquatic organisms are appropriate for food and have world-wide importance. They‟re wonderful sources of high quality proteins, superior to those in red meat and poultry foods. The human dietary amendments that characterize the “nutrition transition” include every quantitative and qualitative change in the human diets. The present study Meretrix casta meat is used for the preparation of excellent recipes like cake, soup and mint stuffed tomato with yellow clam using M. casta meat, that have the potential to be become a regular food item in the house hold diet with consumer acceptance. The differences in food habits over the length and breadth of the nation are most that available food resources are not being used properly due to the lack of information regarding their importance. The panel of judges vouched safe for taste and delicacy of the dishes in the present study. The panel detected that the dishes were a lot of as good as those created out of the much sought after seafood in taste, smell and flavor


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 24)
G. Srilatha et al., "Recipes from Yellow Clam Meretrix casta (Chemnitz)", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 24, pp. 25-33, 2014
Online since:
August 2014

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